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2516 Cambon Way
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Call Us: 916-692-1721
Email Us: info@muggedbygeorge.com

Terms and Conditions

Please note that MuggedByGeorge (MBG) is not responsible for any typing errors, misspelled words, or incorrect dates provided by the customer when ordering items. Any colors displayed on the MBG website selected for use in items purchased may vary due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a difference of computer monitors used for viewing. MBG makes EVERY attempt to display colors as accurately as possible. All sales are final.

Shipping Policy / Claims

All items shipped are insured against damage. Any damaged items will be replaced at no cost to the customer per our Claims terms which follow:

Customers wishing to report damaged items MUST contact MuggedByGeorge within 24 hours of receipt of purchased items AND provide MuggedByGeorge with a digital photograph of the item(s) damaged. The customer must also include a digital photograph of the shipping container used to deliver the damaged item(s).

Customers should contact MuggedByGeorge either by email or phone to begin the Claim process. Failure of the customer to adhere to this policy may result in damaged items not qualifying for replacement.

It is the policy of MuggedByGeorge to provide our customers with the most effective and the least costly means of shipping purchased items. Please contact MuggedByGeorge if you have a preferred shipper, other than whats available in the shopping cart, and we will do our best to honor your requests.